02 10 / 2014

Some Guidelines on the Proper Placement of Water Meters

Sometimes you’re there, bemoaning the fact that you don’t have enough hours in the week to write about all the things you want to, and then someone else expresses your feelings perfectly in one succinct sentence.

If you’re curious as to how a country that receives over 200 days of rainfall a year has reached the stage of having to…

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30 9 / 2014


Police pick people out of the crowd, then rush forward. Frightening. 

September 28th

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29 9 / 2014

We Are Bisexualised: Wherein I was wrong.

I said I don’t know any other word that does that, and then I said that we needed to call our experiences out and show them for what they are.

didn’t know any other word that does that. But today it’s clear as can be that the word that I was using– bisexual– was woefully insufficient to describe our bi+ experiences. We are bisexualised. Whatever our own experiences of our romantic/sexual orientations– if we are attracted to more than one gender, we are bisexualised. We are forced into a binary. That binary is, whether we like it or not, a sexualised one. Our experiences are sexualised: we are forced to deal with sexualised stereotyping and sexualised erasure. Both of these are imposed upon us from outside by a society that refuses to deal with bi+ people as fully realised humans and to acknowledge our attractions and love in anything other than a stereotyped or erasive way.

So, I’m calling on you– the bi+ community, all of you bi and pan and nonmono queer people reading this– let’s start using bisexualised. Let’s use whatever labels we damn well please to describe our own orientations, but to gather as people who have been bisexualised when we need to work together for our recognition, inclusion and dignity.

Because our own identities are useless if we can’t create communities, communities are useless if they erase our identities, and it’s high time that we placed responsibility for our recognition and inclusion on society at large, where it belongs.

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wtf is chai tea. why are u saying tea twice.

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So sick of people who pretend their problem is with the word “feminism” rather than the concept of gender equality.


So sick of people who pretend their problem is with the word “feminism” rather than the concept of gender equality.

28 9 / 2014

Ask A Bisexual podcast is up!

If you didn’t catch it earlier, here’s the podcast of myself and two other members of Bi+ Ireland talking bisexuality with the absolutely lovely people at PrideTime on NearFM. And answering forever the question of what I actually sound like in real life ;)

I’m so damn proud of what we’re doing with this group.


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28 9 / 2014

Ask A Bisexual: Coming to a radio near (er, probably far from) you!

Got a burning question about bisexuality? Or just want to hear some devastatingly sexy Irish accents saying incredibly clever things? Myself and two other Irish bi+ activists, Janet Ní Shuilleabháin and Danny Pio Murphy, will be on Dublin’s NearFM later today- 5.30pm GMT- talking all things bi+.

If you’ve a question you’d like us to answer or if you just want to send gloriously effusive fanmail*,…

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27 9 / 2014

Humans, not vessels: Free, safe, legal abortion. In Ireland. Now.

It’s only two hours until Ireland’s third annual March for Choice. Which means, by the way, that if you’re local and you somehow haven’t heard of it until now, I strongly recommend getting your walking boots on, like, now.

Speak with your Feet at the March for Choice. 2pm Saturday 27th September at the Garden of Remembrance, Parnell Square, Dublin 1

I’ve been finding it incredibly difficult to find words to talk about Ireland an abortion recently. Not something that’s been a problem in the past, but sometimes things get…

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This is EVERYTHING I feel. Everything. Everything.

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Steve Rogers has a “tell” - a bashful, modest little tell. This shit is now canon, people. I expect to read about it in your fanfiction now.

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