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I’m only sharing tweets for those who are not on twitter and can’t see how passionate and outraged journalists are as they tweet from #Ferguson.

If you are on Twitter, here’s a good roster of people to follow if you want to keep updated.

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Soleta zero energy tiny home

For more information http://tinyhousetalk.com/

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Michelle Rodriguez laying down truths

That third gif also sums up the reason why so many queer women in fiction get treated like shit and why we barely get acknowledged as existing at all

These pathetic excuses for writers have no idea how to write a woman who doesn’t want to fuck a man

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the best and most accurate thing

This literally NEVER gets old.

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But you have to understand that when both my cousin and I came out as bisexual to our great-aunt, she told us we were too young to label ourselves.

You have to understand that both of my brothers are gay and came out to her before the ages of 15. She had absolutely no problem.

My great-aunt is a 69 year old lesbian.

You have to understand that not every aspect of biphobia has to do with homophobia.

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